The 50 Most Beautiful Colleges in Winter


Winter is too often shunned and gets a bad rep for being too cold, icy or gloomy. However, many alums who attended schools with snow often recall the most beautiful sceneries during the winter months. Schools with Gothic architecture often get a refined look about them during the colder times of the year. Campus grounds with evergreens and long pathways become breathtaking when the snow comes. The winter season’s merits are precisely its beauty. A wintery atmosphere can be beneficial to the scholar’s soul, which is why there are numerous campuses across the country that have the most pleasant sights for winter lovers. Ranging from snow covered lawns on the campus quad to glistening ice covered branches, the university campuses in the US offer beautiful winter wonderlands for students, professors and administrative staff to take in and enjoy. Below are 50 of the most beautiful winter campuses in the US.

50. Northern Arizona University – Flagstaff, Arizona

Northern Arizona University of Flagstaff, Arizona is a beautiful college campus that is close to nature’s best—mountains, water, and desert. The Arizona Snowbowl is famous for its ski resort which attracts college students from campus during the peak winter months for fun events. Skiing isn’t the only fun activity on campus. Northern Arizona

University’s winters are especially great for those who love to hike. Gear up and dress warmly. Hiking through Arizona’s mountains can be an enthralling experience.

49. Montana State University – Bozeman, Montana

Montana State University is an enormous campus with over 1,170 acres of land. It is the primary campus in the state and receives the most funding for its land. The Nordic Ski team and Alpine ski program are available to students who wish to partake in the campus’ winter sports. Bozeman, Montana is a beautiful city—the fourth largest in the state—and is very close to the Tobacco Root Mountains, Big Belt Mountains, and Horseshoe Hills.

During the winter months, these mountains offer students of Montana State the most spectacular views of white snow caps and flurries. Students can also go hiking in the famous Yellowstone National Park.

48. University of Iowa – Iowa City, Iowa

University of Iowa

The University of Iowa, which is located in Iowa City, Iowa, has over 1,700 acres of campus. The Iowa River is the heart of the campus and becomes a fantastic location for winter views. The Art Building West is beautiful to look at in the winter time. When snow falls, the white snow becomes a stark contrast to the building’s red. The Old Capital Museum is another beautiful building that comes alive in the winter months. During the very cold period of the winter, Walleye Fishing becomes the thing to do.

47. Boston University – Boston, Massachusetts

Boston University, which is located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts is known for its long list of prize winners from prestigious awards such as the Nobel Peace Prize, Pulitzer, Academy Award, Emmy and Tony, but also for some of its most beautiful winters in the area. Massachusetts, which has many college campuses precisely because it is so beautiful to have campuses on, doesn’t have a deadly winter but a lively one. The cobblestone paths, when covered with snow, look like they belong in a fairytale.

46. Tufts University – Medford, Massachusets

Tufts University, which is located in Medford/Somerville, is an excellent private school that is dedicated to political science, arts, humanities, and sciences. The main campus, which is on Walnut Hill, gets very green during the warm months, but when the cold comes in, the branches become stark and lovely, bringing out some of the campus’ most beautiful winter charms.

When snow covers the campus grounds, winter events such as jazz concerts, street lighting, sledding and other fun festivities make the whole campus town lively. Tufts is a great place to be during the winters because it is quite beautiful.

45. Colorado State University – Fort Collins, Colorado

Colorado State University of Fort Collins is located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Going to school on a campus so close to the Rockies must mean one thing: winter months will guarantee winter sports such as snowboarding, skiing, and ice skating. The campus’ Spruce Hall, which is the oldest building at Colorado State University, becomes beautiful when the winter season comes through. The trees become bare, and the entire building can be seen through the branches.

Neighboring cities such as Loveland and Wellington also host plenty of winter events. Students at Colorado State University not only benefit from the beautiful winter months on campus but also from the city’s events in the area.

44. The University of Alaska Fairbanks – Fairbanks, Alaska


The University of Alaska Fairbanks of Fairbanks, Alaska is a public research school with a specialized focus in agriculture and natural resources. The city of Fairbanks is the biggest city in Alaska, with a long history of mining, sluicing and panning. The Chena River is also in the area, making the University of Alaska Fairbanks a beautiful place to attend school at.

Winters at Fairbanks are long and harsh, but the gorgeousness of white snow makes it also one of the most beautiful places to be in the country while attending school. During the winter months, students can also participate in hockey games, dog sledding, and skiing.

43. University of Montana – Missoula, Montana

The University of Montana is located in Missoula, Montana, which is close to the three rivers—Blackfoot, Bitterroot, and Clark Fork. These rivers make the area a lush land, rich with minerals. In proximity to the university is the “M” trail which is famous for its beauty. During the winter season, when leaves fall, the “M” trail becomes breathtaking. Memorial Row on campus has 29 conifer trees along the path to honor the university’s students who served in World War I. When snow falls over this area; the whole campus comes alive with color, stark contrasts, and a wintery charm.

42. Dartmouth College – Hanover, New Hampshire

Dartmouth College of Hanover, New Hampshire is bound to have some of the most epic winter sights given its northeast territory. The approximately 270 acres of campus ground on Dartmouth College is mostly rural grounds with beautiful architecture such as the Baker Memorial Library or Dartmouth Hall. These buildings look fantastic when contrasted with the white snow on their lawns. The Connecticut River is very close to Hanover. The Connecticut River in the winter is exceptionally beautiful. The conifers are surrounding the body of water, when they get covered in snow, are stunning.

There are excellent nature trails, mountains like Moose Mountain, and wonderful towns such as Lyme and Enfield nearby, which get decorated with holiday lights during the winter season. Dartmouth College offers plenty of beauteous winter charms to keep students entertained with.

41. University of Colorado: Boulder – Boulder, Colorado

University of Colorado Boulder

The University of Colorado Boulder has wonderful Gothic style buildings designed by Charles Klauder that look great in the winter time. The Residence halls, Sewall Hall, and the Old Main building all become visible when the leaves fall from the branches. When snow falls on the campus grounds, the sights become even more breathtaking. A building like the Macky Auditorium, which is the venue for numerous conference talks, shows, and other performances, has a very Romantic look in the winter time when snow falls on its lawns. The galleries and museums become great havens to get away from the cold winters. Given Colorado’s wonderfully creative community, these sites are excellent places to keep up with the local atmosphere.

Colorado’s beautiful body of water and landscape also makes it a fantastic place to be in the winter. Close to campus are ski resorts such as Boulder Nordic Sport and Shredder Urban Ski and Snowboard Park. Students can take advantage of the tall mountains in this area for some of the best winter fun in the country.

40. Duke University – Durham, North Carolina

Duke University of Durham, North Carolina is a tremendous campus with over 8,470 acres of land. A significant part of this area is the Duke Forest. The campus itself has four major sections divided into East, West, Central and the Medical Center. Duke Chapel, which can seat approximately 1,600 people, is a wondrous sight in the winter months. When the temperature drops and the tree branches go bare, the campus buildings’ gothic charm come out even more in the wintery daylight.

The Gothic Reading Room of the Perkins Library is another beautiful building. The neo-gothic style of the residence halls is a sight to see in the winter season. When snow falls, which it occasionally does in the Raleigh-Durham area, these gothic buildings become even more alive. Durham hosts some wintery events during the holiday season that students are welcome to participate in.

39. University of Utah – Salt Lake City, Utah

The University of Utah is an enormous campus with over 1,530 acres of land. It is close to the Salt Lake Valley and the Wasatch Range. Downtown is also very close to the university. Summer months are especially hot in Utah, so once the winter months roll in, the University of Utah’s grounds become more comfortable temperature wise. A light jacket and walking shoes should suffice, but the glory of Utah is its diverse landscape. With cooler temperatures, the sights to take in throughout campus will be a lot easier. Utah is a diverse state with a lake, mountains deserts, and trees.

Not too far from campus is Park City—the snowy mountain region where the Sundance Film Festival takes place each year. When the snow comes, resorts such as Brian Head, Beaver Mountain Brighton, and Cherry Peak open up for skiers and snowboarders. These mountains become breathtakingly beautiful during snowy months in Utah.

38. Oberlin College – Oberlin, College

Oberlin College is located in frosty Ohio. The campus is usually very alive with political activism. Lorain County, however, is especially beautiful during the winter months with dry snow and cloudy wintery light. Oberlin specializes in winter flowers which get delivered to loved ones all over the city. Consider them for the holidays throughout December as well as February. Tappan Square, where Oberlin is located, is marked for its historical significance and beauty. This urban park comes alive during the white wintery months with frost and snow. It makes for a terrific view.

37. Fordham University – Bronx, New York

Fordham University has two major campuses—one in the Bronx and the other in Manhattan. Both areas become rough in the winter months, but a warm jacket and snow boots should keep you secure enough to appreciate the gorgeousness that New York gets touched with in the winter. With frost and snow also come a silence that the city so rarely offers you. When the snow comes, take a moment to appreciate how it takes over all of the city’s grit and dirt. Winter months on Fordham’s campuses are very beautiful.

36. University of Wisconsin: Milwaukee – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has over 100 acres of land for research public education. The campus is segmented into four separate quads throughout the urban district. During winter months, Merrill Hall looks especially wonderful. The red paint in contrast to the white sky or white lawn looks wonderful. The bare branches makes the entire campus very visible. The campus is worth visiting in the winter time also to see the various winter events and sights during the holidays.

35. Union College -Schenectady, New York

Union College is located in Schenectady, New York, and known for its liberal arts and sciences education. The college campus has eight acres of garden and 120 acres of urban campus grounds. Most of the campus has French architecture and landscape designs. When snow falls, the area gives off a Romantic sheen through all the white ice and frost. The Nott Memorial is a wonderfully spherical building. When snow covers the dome roof, it looks spectacular in the sun.

34. Virginia Technical University – Blacksburg, Virginia

Virginia Tech is located in Blacksburg, Virginia, and is known for its huge campus with over 2,600 acres of land. Beautiful buildings are speckled all over campus. The Torgersen Hall bridge is especially majestic during snowy winters. The Eggleston and Owen Halls are gorgeous when the frost comes over the rocks, lawns, and trees.

Virginia Tech’s Burruss Hall is a wonderful building. When frost or snow takes over the lawn, the building looks, even more, impressive with its magnetic energy.

33. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Michigan

The University of Michigan is a beautiful campus located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. With over 3,177 acres of land, this campus is tremendous. It is divided into four parts—North, Central, South and Medical campuses—but it is generally in the Ann Arbor area close the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and the Briarwood Mall. Durin the winter months, the gorgeous buildings of these campuses become a spectacular view.

The Burton Tower looks especially wonderful after a light covering of snow. When the tree branches on campus get covered in snow, the trees sag with the weight.

32. Northwestern University – Evanston, Illinois

Northwestern University is a private university known for its research program in Chicago, Illinois. Considering its location, the university is known for its harsh winter months. However, the campus can become quite spectacular. The Montgomery Ward Memorial Building is especially a spectacular sight. With some snow on the building, the building looks marvelous.

The Evanston campus is also quite beautiful as it is located right off of Lake Michigan. During the cold winter months, the lake gets frosty, making the view spectacular.

31. Nazareth College – Rochester, New York

Nazareth College is a co-ed university located in Rochester, New York. Rochester is known for some of the harshest winters but also some of its most beautiful winter views. When snow falls in Rochester, the streets, lawns, trees and buildings exude a character that they wouldn’t otherwise have during other months.

Winters in Rochester are great precisely because of the snow, frost, and that soft wintery light. With approximately 150 acres of land, Nazareth College in Rochester has a great deal to offer locals who are looking for something pleasant to take in during a leisurely walk around campus.

30. The University of Illinois at Springfield – Springfield, Illinois

The University of Illinois at Springfield is a beautiful rural campus with over 740 acres of prairie land for students to enjoy. Just steps away from Lake Springfield, this campus, is especially beautiful during the winter months. The lake is also close to the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Garden and the Henson Robinson Zoo. During the winter months, when these areas see snow and frost, the land becomes especially gorgeous to look at usually with a nice long drive on the Interstate 55.

29. Columbia University – New York, New York

Columbia University’s New York winter months are breathtaking. During the winter months, Columbia lights up its paths with beautiful lights. When the winter storms come, be sure to keep warm and your feet dry, but the white snow will cover all of the city’s grit. The campus is clean compared to the rest of the city. But in conjunction with the beautiful white snow and frost, Columbia University becomes one of the best places to be in the winter months.

28. Washington and Lee University – Lexington, Virginia

Located in Lexington with over 325 acres of campus grounds, Washington and Lee University’s winter months make the campus become the most visible to viewers as all the trees bare their branches. On early mornings, the lawns of the campus become white with frost that glow when the winter sun comes up. During the holiday season, there are many events that go on in one of the country’s oldest states.

27. University of Chicago – Chicago, Illinois

The University of Chicago is an urban campus with approximately 215 acres of campus ground. The university is located near Hyde Park and Woodlawn. The campus buildings are gothic towers, and when the snow and frost come, their gorgeous gothic charm exudes under the winter’s sun. Chicago can bring on some of the most notoriously cold winters in the country, but this also means that there will be beautiful sights to see.

Hyde Park covered in snow is beautiful to look at. When the Harper Memorial Library gets snow, the lawn is a beautiful white and the shrubs also get speckled with frost and ice. Chicago winters may be rough, but their beauteous sights are to die for.

26. Georgia Institute of Technology – Atlanta, Georgia

Georgia Institute of Technology of Atlanta, GA is a public school dedicated to research and technology. As an urban campus, there is approximately 373 acres of land for students, staff, and faculty to use on the site. Georgia’s winter months may get cold but not as cold as they do in the northeast area. Snow is very rare in Atlanta, but when it falls, you’re better off standing on campus to take in the sight of gardenia trees covered in snow and not on the road.

Roads can become eternal traffic jams on snow days in Atlanta, but when you’re on campus, a bit of snow is anything but a headache. It is wondrous, especially when seen from the Midtown campus near some of the best buildings nearby including the Coca-Cola headquarters.

25. Boston College – Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts

Boston College is a wonderful school with a strong dedication to liberal arts and sciences education. During the winter months, Boston College transforms into a gorgeous landscape where trees, stones, and pavement get covered with white snow. Located in the charming area of Massachusetts—Chestnut Hill—the main campus is very close to downtown Boston. St. Johns Meadow becomes spectacular in the winter months when the lawn gets completely covered with white snow, and the branches get bare and glisten with icicles.

The Chestnut Hill Reservoir gets nice and frosty during these months. Going for a walk through campus becomes an excellent time to photograph.

24. University of Alaska: Anchorage – Anchorage, Alaska

The University of Alaska Anchorage is a four-year college devoted to a liberal arts education. The campus is approximately 380 acres and is mostly urban grounds. In spite of this, because the Goose Lake Park is so close, the winter months look especially fantastic around this campus area. With the Chugach Mountains that reflect right off the lake, Anchorage, Alaska is a naturally beautiful environment to be in, let alone attend school.

Furthermore, at Anchorage, Alaska, students can enjoy the northern lights, as well as skiing, snowboarding, and skating. Not only that but dog mushing and sledding are activities that are common in the area. Students who like to go fishing can even go ice fishing.

23. Yale University – New Haven, Connecticut

New Haven, Connecticut is one of the country’s oldest universities. It is known for its liberal arts education and competitive Ivy League status. The Yale Law School is a spectacular view, but once the winter months roll in, it becomes, even more, exquisite under the winter skies and snow. The downtown campus is over 260 acres of campus ground. Once these areas see some snow, they light up with a beautiful winter glow. The Yale Old Campus Courtyard is superb in the winter time. With all of the tree’s branches barren, you can see all of its buildings from the quad through the branches. The whole area looks like a village during these winter months.

Of course, once the springtime rolls in, and the little green buds appear, the view becomes, even more, spectacular. Part of the beauty to winter sceneries is the expectation of another season around the corner.

22. Connecticut College – New London, Connecticut

Connecticut College

Connecticut College is located in New London, CT, and known for its liberal arts education. Founded in 1911, it is a college with a long dedication to education in the state of Connecticut. The campus grounds has some beautiful buildings including the New London Hall, Blaustein Humanities Center, and the Blackstone House. These buildings look incredible in the winter light and even more beautiful once the snow settles on their roofs and lawns.

Students get to enjoy not only the wonderful resources housed in these buildings but also the spectacle of winter delight that stand before their view as they enter them. The Cummings Art Center, which is a more modern building in comparison, is also wonderfully minimal, which provides plenty of space for snow to fall on.

21. Vassar College – Poughkeepsie, New York

Vassar College is a private institution educated to a liberal arts and sciences education in the state of New York. Located in Poughkeepsie, this school is famous for its beautiful autumns but also its terrific winter sceneries. The campus’ Main Building becomes a beautiful construction when the snow and ice settle in. The Vassar College Observatory is also a great place to take a look at the winter’s skies for stars and planets in January and February. The Rombout House is part of the National Register of Historic Places in the area.

The Vassar Thompson Library is one of the most beautiful, as well as one of the biggest, libraries in the country dedicated to undergraduate studies. When this beautiful building gets covered in snow, there’s a sight like no other.

20. Trinity Washington University – Washington, DC

Trinity Washington University is a women’s school dedicated to the arts and sciences. Located in Washington, DC, it is in a fine district for those seeking professional employment soon after graduation. DC, which is known for its occasional blizzards that arrive every several years, can turn the entire campus into a winter wonderland. The various buildings such as Cuvilly Hall, Kerby Hall, and the Notre Dame Chapel become beautiful pieces of architecture glistening in the white snow during these winter months.

Snow isn’t always guaranteed in DC, however. But the holiday season does bring on the lights. Downtown DC’s holiday light displays are always worth checking out in the winter season.

19. University of Oregon – Eugene, Oregon

The University of Oregon of Eugene, Oregon is a beautiful public university campus with nearly 300 acres of land for its students and university staff. There are approximately 80 buildings throughout the campus grounds with over 500 different kinds of trees. With so many trees throughout campus, when snow falls, the place transforms into a fairy tale-like image.

The Pioneer Cemetery, which is also nearby, turns white with snow as well. There are many beautiful libraries and halls throughout the University of Oregon. Under the winter light, these campus buildings glow with a lovely ancient charm.

18. Huntington University – Huntington, Indiana

Huntington University of Huntington, Indiana is a beautiful campus located near Lake Sno-Tip and the Thornhill Nature Preserve, which is a 77-acre forest. The hills, grass, and a vast number of trees give Huntington University the most sights for you to take in. During the holiday season, Huntington University opens up for holiday dinners operas, shows and meetings with folks from all over town to engage in community activities as well as enjoy the beautiful winter scenery on the campus grounds. Given its proximity to the nature preserve, outdoor recreational opportunities are a given.

17. Bard College – Annandale-On-Hudson, New York

Bard College has over 500 acres of land including lawns, wooded areas and is situated very close to the Hudson River. Given its proximity to some of the most beautiful parts of New York including Hudson Valley and Annandale-on-Hudson, this Bard College becomes winter’s most beautiful place on the east coast in the winter months. Not only that, but it’s just a drive away from the Catskill Mountains, making it utterly breathtaking when the snow falls. The area is considered a national landmark for its historical significance. The campus buildings are mostly Gothic and postmodern in style.

When the snow comes, these buildings glow with winter charisma. The lawns become frosty in the mornings, and under the winter light, they are most beautiful to look at.

16. Penn State University – State College, Pennsylvania

Penn State University has 24 different campuses throughout the east coast. It is a public school devoted to research and service. The campuses include University Park—the main campus—as it is the most preferred part of Penn State that undergrads flock to. This would have something to do with its beautiful winters. As the flagship campus of Penn State, it turns into a wondrous winter park when the snow falls. The campus is close to the Old Main building, which also looks beautiful when covered with snow. This area has a long history devoted to Pennsylvania’s agriculture.

Known for its beauty and vast lands, University Park is remembered for its historical significance to the state. During the holiday season, the area comes aglow with lights devoted to the December Atrium Exhibition, making the winters, even more, beautiful.

15. Harvard University – Cambridge, Massachusetts

Being in the New England area has its advantages, in that the winter months will almost always have snow. Harvard University, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is not only a town full of history, wealth and accomplishments but also some of the prettiest winters. The campus’ Memorial Church looks especially nice when the trees bare their branches, and the lawn is covered in glistening white snow. During the winter recess, Harvard hosts a series of programs for social interactions and intellectual stimulation.

Students typically run these programs on their accord, so the innovation of the events can be creative or extremely simple such as playing snowball fights on the campus ground. On days when the snow piles up, even the ivy leaves on the campus buildings get covered in white. It makes for an incredible scene, and quite picturesque in the winter months.

14. Ursinus College – Collegeville, Pennsylvania

Ursinus College is a great northeast school that is well-known for its liberal arts education as well as its great campus grounds in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. With approximately 170 acres devoted to the university, the campus ground itself has the wonderful Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art which looks incredible after a snowfall. The Eger Gate, which was placed in 1925, is also quite beautiful when the snow falls over it. The lawns throughout campus turn white with frost in the wintertime giving it a lovely glow in the sun in the early mornings.

Furthermore, since the campus is close to Philadelphia as well as New York, Baltimore, and DC, students are likely to venture out to these places in the winter as well to find events.

Ursinus College has a great hockey team as well. Students can enjoy their winter sports or support their team right from campus, too. There are plenty of events that go on in Montgomery County such as the Christmas Village season, and the Trim the Tree Christmas event in December. Students are welcome to participate in all of the town’s events while taking in the wintery scene of their local grounds.

13. College of William & Mary – Williamsburg, Virginia

The College of William & Mary in Virginia is located in Williamsburg, Virginia. It is known for being one of the oldest universities in the country, as well as its excellent public research program. There is over 1,200 acres of land devoted to the campus, and it has been cited as one of the most beautiful campuses in the country in 2011 by Travel and Leisure Magazine. Imagine this historic site with ancient buildings, trees, and lawns covered with winter’s whitest snow. The university encourages students to take advantage of its nearby parks for recreation such as backpacking at Shenandoah National Park.

The winter view of this famous national park is breathtaking. Williamsburg, VA is also full of winter events to keep students and faculty feeling welcome and warm. The Yorktown Victory Center and Jamestown Settlement get decorated with Christmas lights for that special holiday feeling. Restaurants and cafes are all lit up with warm fires to keep you feeling warm. Glistening town centers bring in people from all over the neighborhood for a warm and toasty feeling. You won’t feel alone in this town. There are wreath workshops and Santa visits in the town, so there is plenty of winter fun for students to enjoy within proximity to their school.

12. Albion College – Albion, Michigan

Albion College is located in Albion, Michigan. The winter months can get quite cold, with temperatures dropping to below zero. But the beautiful historic main street is lain with clay brick for a wonderful walking experience especially on snow covered ground. Albion College has 225 acres of campus ground with beautiful dormitories like Mitchell Towers, Seaton Hall, Whitehouse Hall, and Wesley Hall. These buildings look gorgeous in the winter snow.

Furthermore, in case students get too used to the indoors over winter months, the wellness center at Albion College offers support groups and counseling. But for some excellent fun in the snow, you can always count on the Cardboard Classic Sled Race, which happens every year in January. You can also enjoy a great breakfast at the Palmer House. Students are always welcome.

11. Cornell University – Ithaca, New York

Cornell University has a wonderful university campus that is pleasant for viewing all year long, but most especially during the winter. With over 2,300 acres of land in Ithaca in Upstate New York, Cornell becomes a gorgeous scene park for everyone on campus from December through February. The Fall Creek Gorge and Cascadilla Gorge have hiking trails for students to take advantage of all year long, but the most beautiful time of the year is during the winter months. When the gorge freezes over and the mountains get some white snow on its trees and ground, the spectacle is not to be missed.

The Cayuga Lake is also close to campus and looks beautiful in the winter time with a wonderful icy surface. The Finger Lakes are also very close by. It’s not only worth a drive through in the fall when the leaves turn, but also when the leaves go, and the branches are bare. The contrast of bare branches and a wintery sky can be a magnificent sight.

10. New York University – New York City, New York

New York University is an institution known for its urban campus buildings sprawled throughout downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn. New York is a majestic place during the holiday season known for its tree at Rockefeller Center and the lights that take over Little Italy. Snow days can get slushy in the city, so snow and rain boots are strongly suggested for students who are new to the city life. Walking through Washington Square is an excellent way to engage with the winter atmosphere in New York. Pop into any nearby café and get a hot chocolate to go. With a pair of gloves, a hat and a warm jacket, there’s no stopping you during the winter months in New York.

New York University’s best times to be on campus just so happen to be the winter months precisely because there are so many little pockets throughout the West Village that you can wander into. Jazz clubs and bars are all over the area. If the winter chill gets to be too much, just wander into The Garage for a house ale and some groovy winter jazz. Some good music will make all of the city’s snow and ice that much more beautiful.

9. Williams College – Williamstown, Massachusetts

Williams College is a private institution located in the beautiful Williamstown, Massachusetts. 450 acres of land is dedicated to the campus’ academic life. On campus is the gorgeous Thompson Memorial Chapel, which, when snow covered, brings out the gothic charisma that every college campus should enjoy in the winter time. The Old Hopkins Observatory is also on campus which makes for a great place to check out the winter skies for a clear viewing of the stars and planets, which are most visible in January and February. The Williams College Museum of Art is another great place to walk to on snowy days. It is famed for its “ironic” columns built by Charles Moore.

Williamstown includes the beautiful Mount Greylock Range, which, when snow covered, becomes an epic sight for those looking to take a break from their books. Just steps away from Main Street, Williamstown College students can wander through their village to find local shops for dairy, wool, and other products that come from local agriculture. Another beautiful part of town is Spring Street, which becomes a Romantic and cozy location on snowy days for those who like teas, lattes, and a nice chat.

8. University of Virginia – Charlottesville, Virginia

University of Virginia

The University of Virginia is located in Charlottesville, Virginia, and is one of the best public research schools in the country. The campus is also listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site for its legacy and being founded by the forefathers of the US including Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and James Madison. Winter months at the University of Virginia is a great time for not only students but also for visitors and locals. The Washington Park Hills are designed for perfect sledding on snow days. The Rotunda and Lawn areas get lit up with over 12,500 lights to bring a beautiful dazzling spectacle for everyone during the winter months during the Lighting of the Lawn ceremony—a tradition that has now lasted nearly 15 years. The downtown ice rink invites the university’s hockey team and figure skaters to show their best. Hockey games are hosted at the rink as well. When snow falls, the entire campus ground becomes a playground for everyone both young and old. Everyone puts on their best winter gear to go out and enjoy the snow. T

The McCormick Observatory of Charlottesville also offers beautiful constellations in the wintery night skies especially during the month of February. The observatory is open to the public on Fridays so that University of Virginia students can make a trip over to see something spectacular during the cold winter months.

7. Middlebury College – Middlebury, Vermont

Middlebury College is a college located in Middlebury, Vermont. The smallest part of the campus is the main part, which is approximately 350 acres of land. However, the rest of the campus takes over a part of the Bread Loaf Mountain, which is approximately 1,800 acres of land. Middlebury, Vermont boasts some of the most beautiful winters in the country. The mountain is in Addison County and consists of the New Haven River, Otter Creek, Saint Lawrence River, Lake Champlain, and the Gulf of Saint Lawrence. Many parts of these waters freeze over during winter months which give the area a wondrous winter charm for campus goers as well as visitors.

For hikers and nature lovers, the mountain’s Long Trail offers over 270 miles of hiking paths to enjoy all that the mountain has to offer. Aside from beautiful scenic winters, these hiking trails offer a host of nature’s best overlooks and views. For icy and snowy conditions, hikers are advised to gear up appropriately. On a dry-snow day, however, these paths are safe and make for a fantastic hike through Vermont’s best.

6. Michigan State University – East Lansing, Michigan

Michigan State University is not only known for its excellent public research programs, but also for its campus location in East Lansing, which covers approximately 10,000 acres of land for the university students, faculty, and staff. Michigan State University has some of the most beautiful winters. During winter months, Towbridge Road becomes a beautiful path for snow gazing. Located just a few miles away from the Red Cedar River, the University campus boasts beautiful forested areas around Holmes Hall, Owen Hall and McDonel Hall—the three original buildings which were built in 1855. These buildings’ gothic charm comes alive when snow falls.

Even without snow, the transparent winter light makes the entire campus give off a ponderous haze. The campus grounds also have pathways for nature lovers and hikers. Walking through them after some soft snow settles over the path can be a therapeutic experience for those stressed during their studies. East Lansing is also sensitive to the winter months and those who rely on public transportation. For those who don’t wish to take in the wintery months on just foot, buses frequently run in the area during this time.

5. University of Delaware – Newark, Delaware

The University of Delaware boasts 2,311 acres of land and can accommodate over 21,000 students. On a snowy day, the campus is a splendid work of wintery art. The university opens up to community participation for the hockey program for children of the ages 4 through 12. Adults who wish to participate may do so as well. The campus ice arena is also great for students who want to learn how to figure skate. During winter months, when snow covers all the bare branches of the University of Delaware campus, the campus grounds grow quiet and peaceful. The entire school grounds become a meditative atmosphere for students to get some peace of mind and have a time to themselves. It also becomes the perfect time to go and visit one another for some tea and hot chocolate.

4. University of Vermont – Burlington, Vermont


The University of Vermont is a campus that embraces winter months. Given its prime location near beautiful nature sights such as Lake Champlain and Burlington, students have a lot of options in order to get the most out of their winters. The UVM ski and snowboard club is open to students who want to join the group for winter recreation and sports. Given the proximity to UVM and snow covered mountains, a group such as this is as natural as the snow that covers such grounds. Also during winter months, when Lake Champlain freezes over, students are invited to participate in a photography contest to capture the most beautiful photos of a wintery lake. Students get to compete via Instagram or through whatever other medium they prefer at the Rubenstein School.

3. University of Connecticut – Mansfield, Connecticut

The University of Connecticut is also spread out across the state as five regional campus grounds. For an incredible campus ground to soak in the wintery sights, consider the Storrs Campus. The UConn Storrs campus has the Swan Lake, which is beautiful as a body of water but just as great when it is frozen. In the winter, when the ice gets completely frozen, students are welcome to stake over the lake. The UConn hockey team also plays on the ice during winter months, especially in January and February when it is the coldest. Within walking distance is also the William Benton Museum of Art. During your walk from Oak Hall or the campus quad, while taking in the wintery scenery, pop into the museum to warm your bones. Students can also pay a visit to the Mirror Lake for some outdoor fishing.

2. University of Massachusetts – Various Cities, Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts has five campuses throughout the state. The University of Massachusetts Amherst is widely considered the most breathtaking of the five campuses. It is also the oldest. In the fall, students, professors, and staff can take in all the breathtaking foliage but in the winter, you can walk through 1,400 acres of campus grounds where glistening snow covers everything. The Robsham Memorial Center is the perfect place to begin your tour around campus to take in the sights. UMass Amherst is also very close to a wide variety of attractions such as the Emily Dickinson Museum and UMass Fine Arts Center. On your walk around campus, you can take advantage of these nearby attractions. As long as you have a pair of waterproof boots and warm jacket, the weather shouldn’t deter you from enjoying the outdoors.

1. The University of New Hampshire – Durham, New Hampshire

The University of New Hampshire is located on the northeast coast, which means that the autumn view is breathtaking, but the snowy winters are guaranteed. UNH has three separate campuses categorized as Durham, UNH at Manchester and UNH School of Law. All three campuses are located in New Hampshire. All three schools are close to downtown as well as Boston. Durham campus grounds are located conveniently near the beautiful White Mountains and the Lakes Region for those who need to take a break and soak in nature’s wonders. The campus is close to over 2,600 acres of woodlands, farmland, and fields which make winters, even more, spectacular. Students can take advantage of these locations and go skiing. On days without snow, an intense workout on bikes or jogging could also be beneficial.